今天,在比利時發生了一件相當讓人感到震驚的新聞,當然,也變成了比利時晚間新聞裡的頭條新聞。竟然,有一個年約二十多歲的年輕男子,把自己的臉上漆成黑白兩色,持著多把刀子,走進當地一家大型托兒中心(DayCare / 在當地通稱 Creche),在走廊上一見到人,就拿刀子殺人。然而,在托兒中心,絕大多數都是沒有抵抗能力的小孩,所以,在走廊上被刀子殺傷的人,都是年紀很小的小孩子。更令人氣憤不已的,這個兇嫌,竟然還走到嬰兒照顧區,拿著刀子刺傷那些在嬰兒床裡睡覺或玩耍的小嬰兒們。





也許是自己已經也當了媽媽的緣故,聽到這樣的新聞,在感到震驚之餘,也感到相當氣憤。我甚至跟T先生說,這樣的人應該要從嚴判刑,如果比利時國家有死刑這條法律的話,最好是直接送去刑場。因為,這些嬰兒、小孩都是沒有抵抗力量的人,遇到這種殘暴的兇嫌,簡直就像是「羊入虎口」,直接就受到傷害。真的不敢想像,如果那已經遇害嬰兒的父母,當下午下班高興地準備去 DayCare 接小孩回家,結果卻是這樣悲慘的結果,如何能平復那震驚又難過的情緒呢?




以下是新聞原文:Source (

Three killed in stabbing at crèche(Belga)

Fri 23/01/09 20:04 (UPDATE) - Three people were killed in a stabbing at a day care centre in Sint-Gillis, part of the municipality of Dendermonde (East Flanders). Two children and one adult have died and some 10 children were injured. The assailant was arrested by the police.
According to eyewitness reports a man went on a rampage causing a bloodbath in the day care.

 (AP) His face was reportedly painted black and white as a disguise. The attacker went into the day care, pulled a knife and started stabbing babies, children and crèche workers- anyone in his path.

The man entered the crèche, under the guise of asking for something. Once inside he went to the baby section of the crèche and started his ravage. Panic and chaos ensued.

 (Belga) One child and an employee were killed on the spot. Another victim, a baby, died later in hospital.

About 10 children and 2 adults were taken to hospital.

The municipal disaster plan was immediately called into effect, following the report of the drama. A police helicopter was deployed to look for the perpetrator, who left the scene of the crime by bicycle. He was arrested in a nearby village.

During the man's arrest he was injured. He was taken to hospital and interrogated by the police. The man is reportedly about twenty years old and comes from Grembergen, another village making up the municipality of Dendermonde.

 (Belga) Federal Home Affairs Minister Guido De Padt (Flemish liberal) arrived at the scene of the crime within a couple of hours, as did Flemish Welfare Minister Veerle Heeren (Flemish Christian democrat, photo).

Both officials are shocked about what happened and extend condolences to the families of the victims.

"I am shocked, as a minister, and as a mother," said Verle Heeren. "I first want to extend my condolences to the victims and their families." The minister intends to order a thorough investigation into the circumstances of the terrible drama.

PM Herman Van Rompuy: "Our country is shocked and in mourning"
Belgian Prime Minister Herman Van Rompuy (Flemish Christian democrat) has also reacted: "Our country is again shocked and in mourning over this atrocious act of violence in a society which longs for harmony and peaceful co-existence."


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